Ti kran servis, s.r.o.

Shares: 100 %
Inspections of lifting and electric equipment, repair and maintenance of mobile cranes, exclusive maintenance of Demag cranes in the Czech and Slovak Republic.
Headquarters:  Nádražní 448, 739 25 Sviadnov, Czech Republic


PRIS - Hutní montáže Ostrava (ТОО ПРИС-Гутни монтаже Острава) 

Shares: 50 %
Engineering, design and construction activities.
Headquarters: Almaty, Kazakhstan

GEO - CZ Construction Engineering, s.r.o. (GЕO - CZ Сonstruction Engineering, s.r.o.) 

Shares: 50 %
Erection of building steel structures and installation of technological equipment.
Registered seat: Tbilisi, Georgia