In 2009 Hutní montáže´s Occupational Safety and Health Protection System has been certified acc to BS OHSAS 18001 as part of the Integrated Management System. At present time our company is making preparations for transition to the ISO 4500:12018 System.

Occupational safety and health protection of employees is our top priority.

three pillars of Hutní montáže a.s. strategy are: 1. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY    2. QUALITY    3. PROGRESS

for installation works the installation method statements and risks analyses shall always be prepared. The goal is 0
        accidents and no damage to property, environment and equipment.

Hutní montáže, a.s. prepared its own safety guidelines. These guidelines are constantly updated in accordance with
        applicable legal regulations.

safety at the workplace is a responsibility of site managers. Our own team of construction safety officers ensure that the
        safety regulations are followed – these safety officers are qualified in risk prevention acc to the Act No. 309/ 2006 Coll. 

employees are personally responsible for following the safety and health protection regulations at the site.

Installation works are performed acc to the Regulation of the CZR No. 591/2006 Coll., as amended, Regulation of the CZR No. 362/2005 Coll. and the Decree of the Ministry of Interior No. 87/2000 Coll.  

Persons working at height use the PROTECTA and SALA DELTA personal fall protection equipment: safety harnesses,
        shock absorbers and fall arresters, work positioning devices and anchor points. Employees are repeatedly trained in using
        the above personal fall protection equipment by a certified specialist. 

Personal fall protection equipment meet the requirements of ČSN EN standards and are certified by a Notified Body SZ.
        Ostrava Radvanice 214.

Inspections are performed: 

Inspections of personal fall protection equipment are performed based on the authorization issued by a specialised company
        HAK CS, s.r.o.,

inspections and regular checks of electric equipment, tools and other devices are performed by our own qualified

inspections of specific lifting (ZZ) and electric equipment (EZ) are performed by inspectors of subsidiary companies. 

Specialised system has been implemented to ensure fire safety. Inspections are performed by our own qualified employees holding a certificate of technically competent person as per the Law No. 133/1985 Coll., as amended.