Hutní montáže extended its Integrated Management System with the Occupational Safety and Health at Work System according to BS OHSAS 18001:2007

On January 2009 the authorized auditors of the certification company TŰV NORD Czech, s.r.o. Praha carried out control audits of the QMS/EMS in our company as well as certification audit of the system concerning Occupational Safety and Health at Work according to BS OHSAS 18001 standard. Based on processes examined, the auditors certified that the company ascertained that its Integrated Management System is carried on in such way which enables it to assure meeting requirements of both, its own and its customers as well as legal regulations.

The auditors supported a confirmation of the QMS and EMS Certificates validity and an award of the SMBOZP Certificate. By acquiring this certificate our company not only extends the existing Integrated Management System but also the scope of external and internal competitive advantages, it raises possibilities to sustain the achieved position in the market, provisions of business successfulness under new conditions within EU.

Health and safety at work are the main priorities of our company

  • for the installation works always the installation procedures have to be prepared where the issue of occupational safety is emphasised and focused on elimination of injuries, damage to the property, damage to the environment protection and equipment
  • our company has prepared our own safety procedures for installation works and evaluates the hazards of installation works
  • every manager is responsible for his own safety and for safety of all subordinate personnel; the construction departments take preventive measures to avoid extraordinary situations and damage
  • the employees are responsible in person for meeting the safety regulations at the site

The installation works are being carried out in accordance with Decree ČÚBP No. 324/90 Stat-Book. – Safety of equipment during construction works

  • for the works on high elevations the fitters use the personal protection equipment manufactured by PROTECTA International, i.e. safety harness, lifeline energy absorbers, locking karabiners. The installation personnel are trained how to use properly the safety equipment. The above safety equipment is EU certified and has the certificate SZ No. 214 Ostrava Radvanice
  • our own specialists conduct following inspections:
  • inspections of the PROTECTA International personal safety equipment
  • inspections of the electric systems and cranes during regular inspections
  • our company has implemented our own fire safety system, for which a qualified fire safety specialist was appointed according to the act No. 237/2000 Stat.-Book.
  • the employees are equipped with personal protection equipment according to the risk specifications for installation work.