Hutní montáže, a.s. is an established and the biggest firm in the sector of construction, installation, repair and maintenance of industrial facilities and power generation units and infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

Hutní montáže, a.s. operate in the sector of structural steel delivery and installation, steel bridge construction, equipment installation, cranes and construction machinery rental and engineering and business activities.

In addition to the domestic market the company is increasingly focused o­n foreign markets, especially in Germany, Slovak Republic, Scandinavia, but also overseas.

Hutní montáže, a.s. is a strong, competitive and stable company. Its basic objectives are permanent development and strengthening of the company’s long-term prosperity.




Name : Hutní montáže, a.s.
Registered seat : Ruská 1162/60, Vítkovice, 703 00 Ostrava 
Company identification number : 15504140
Trade Register kept by the District Court of Ostrava, Part B, File 143.
: 643530207
Data box  : wfhce3a

Certificate of membership in the Chamber of Commerce
The company is tax registred (VAT) :
Tax identification number
in foreign countries:

Czech Rep.    : CZ15504140
Sweden          : SE502062697301
Slovakia         : SK2020336857
Germany        : DE261236195
Uruguay         : 21 540500 0015
Netherlands : NL 822925710801
Rep. South Africa: 2013/191295/10

Bulgaria         : BG203670965
Finland           : FI21789629
Poland            : PL5262975917
Denmark         : 

Date of foundation : 1953
Registered capital : 220 000 000,- CZK
Majority shareholder :

WITKOWITZ GW a.s. 100%

Annual sales : 1 393 mio CZK  (2017)
Number of employees : 675