Quality policy

Hutní montáže, a.s. is a leading Czech company operating in structural steel construction, bridge construction and equipment installation and providing services in the field of transport, handling and crane technology. This Integrated Management System policy (IMS) is based upon the company’s development strategy including goals focusing on quality, environment protection, safety and health at work, fire prevention and social responsibility.

To ensure effective performance of the IMS policy and the company activities, a documented system has been created, applied and maintained in the company in the spheres of work safety and protection of health, fire prevention, environment protection and social responsibility. The company management undertakes to continuously develop the Integrated Management System applied and improve its effectiveness and purposefulness in all relevant areas.

The company management regards observance of laws and other related requirements as one of the bases for continuous improvement in relation to customer requirements, business ethics, environment protection, OHAS and fire prevention within all its activities.


By improving its installation technological procedures and management methods our company creates space for continuous improvement of its services rendered to its Czech and foreign customers, making effort to satisfy their needs with a view to maintain a profile of a reliable and well-qualified contractor who meets agreed contractual deadlines.
Our company maintains good relationships with all its customers based on partnership and mutual acknowledgment, while respecting all the ethical and legal rules of business. By offering complex services our company attracts further potential customers. We manage to keep our customers satisfied by means of motivating our own employees with the aim to ensure their personal involvement and commitment during fulfilment of their work duties, while regularly monitoring the quality and adopting effective measures to ensure the required quality level.

Employees’ commitment

In our company we regard the employees to be the most important factor creating a base for our success. Their knowledge and abilities are developed under the company’s education system keeping them informed and enhancing their professional qualifications. We support and continuously improve the conditions motivating our employees to behave positively in terms of environment protection, safety and protection of health at work and social security. 

In accordance with the company’s development strategy, the company management puts focus on:
- adherence to ethical standards which form a basis for professional behaviour, performance and acting of the company employees;
- communication and promotion of solidarity among all employees in achieving goals of the integrated management system;
- systematic education and training of employees, with the emphasis put on technical development, flexibility, language skills and OHAS training;
- systematic creation of motivating working conditions for creative work in order to support work satisfaction and productivity;
- complying with the framework directive No. 89/391 EEC – General Requirements for provision of HSE.

Work safety and environment protection

The company of Hutní montáže, a.s., prevents pollution of the environment, injuries and harm to health of any persons being present at its workplaces.

We consider environment protection, work safety, health protection and fire prevention as one of the basic priorities of our development. We concentrate on the prevention of potential harm to health (injuries, vocational diseases), prevention of environment pollution and adherence to the principles of sustainable development by means of:

• Complying with the legislation relating to environment protection, work safety and hygiene, protection of persons, consumer protection, production and disposal of waste according to laws of the Czech Republic and the laws of the states where we implement our projects;

• Ensuring easy access to codes, regulations and making sure that the governing documentation is clear and up-to-date;

• Monitoring and assessing the impact of our activities and environment risks associated with them on a regular basis. Based on the assessment of all the environmental aspects and risks of manufacturing and accompanying activities the management continuously reviews and makes additions to the environmental protection targets, target values and programmes concerning environment, HSE and fire prevention;

• Conducting preventive inspections of environmental protection, HSE and fire prevention, immediately eliminating any inconsistencies, and thus preventing the possible risk of environmental accidents;

• Adopting safety measures for all the activities involving safety risk. Support of the collective effort to reach good results;

• In all its activities the company draws on its long-term experience, following the principles of the best known practice;

• Our measures aimed at optimal environmental protection, HSE and fire prevention are particularly focused on:

- Better use and reduction of specific consumption of raw materials and energy in relation to production quantity;

- Careful monitoring of  GHG emissions

- Reduction of solid waste and waste water production;
- Appropriate Risk Management, taking measures to mitigate risks, collective and personal protection of employees and all other persons present at our workplaces under our knowledge thereof, in particular with regard to work in heights, within construction sites, industrial plants or workshops, roads and during operation of installation machinery;

- Installation procedures providing rules for safety work are always prepared for our erection works, focusing on elimination of risks of injury, damage on property, environment and equipment;

- The company has its own safety regulations for installation works, carrying out Risk Assessment for all its installation works;

- Each head worker is responsible for personal safety as well as safety of all his subordinate employees. The equipment installation centres arrange for preventive measures against unexpected events and damages.

- Every employee is personally responsible for observance of the OHAS principles at their workplace.

Social responsibility

Our company undertakes to act in accordance with the UN General Declaration of Human Rights, basic conventions of the International Labour Organisation, OECD directives and all other important international conventions and national or local provisions applying to the company’s activities in the countries where we operate. If the principles promoted by the company in terms of this policy are stricter than those being in force in the other countries, the stricter principles shall prevail over all others.

The company management pays great attention to observance of the laws and regulations concerning working conditions of employees including the regulations relating to working time, time for rest and remuneration.

Recruitment of new employees is based exclusively on their qualification and skills. There is no form of discrimination, based either on gender, or sexual orientation, ethnic origin, colour of the skin, nationality, cultural  background, religion, physical handicap, AIDS affliction, social class, education, work status, political preferences, a non-relevant crime, forced or involuntary work, mental or physical abuse, etc. (this is not a full list). The employees are not hindered from asserting their rights for independent thinking, acting and satisfying their needs within the valid rule of law. The right of all our employees to establish trade unions and to carry out collective negotiations is acknowledged. There is no child labour or underage worker labour used in the company.

Our company has respect for the interests of all its suppliers and subcontractors. We build and develop long-term relationships based on mutual trust, respect and solidarity. We support open communication and information exchange with all our suppliers in all aspects of their activities.

The company ensures that the policy requirements placed upon its employees within the integrated management system be also fulfilled by the workers of the suppliers’ organisations.

When purchasing products or services from its suppliers, our company shall:
• Carry out the selection based on the established systematic evaluation;

• Take into account the subcontractors’ approach towards environmental protection, OHAS and fire prevention. We prefer cooperating with subcontractors who employ ecologically friendly technologies, equipment and products, and especially subcontractors who use the environmental management system according to ISO 14001, the quality management system according to ISO 9001, the management system and the work safety and health protection system according to OHSAS 18001 and the social responsibility system according to SA 8000.

The company management fully identifies with the requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SA 8000 standards, i.e. the principles of effective introduction and continuous improvement of management of the processes that influence product quality, environment, safety and health protection at work and social responsibility. Our company undertakes to adhere to all valid regulations and international conventions and declarations relating to the determination of the company’s social responsibility. The company shall provide sufficient financial resources for the IMS implementation. In order to ensure continuous improvement with regard to potential amendments to legal codes and other requirements, the company undertakes to review this policy on the regular basis. The company management shall permanently familiarise its employees with the IMS policy and objectives and take decisions so that its implementation become a goal of all the company employees. Within its power of decision, the company management promotes the adopted principles of the IMS policy and serves as an example for all its employees in their fulfilment.

Contact person in the matters of Quality Assurance, environment protection and HSE and fire prevention:
IMS Manager Tomáš Talpa (e-mail: tomas.talpa@hutni-montaze.cz)

 Effectiveness: 15.6. 2012 

Goals of the Integral Management System

In connection with the established Development Strategy of Hutní montáže, a.s., the set forth Policy on Integrated Management System (IMS) and outcomes from the Review of the IMS by the company Management, the company Management hereby summons the IMS Goals:
- In the field of QMS
- In the field of EMS, HSE and Fire Prevention
The IMS Goals are regularly reviewed by the company Management and pursuant to the needs of the company continuously amended.